CSR Policy

At CHPL, the Leadership team is committed to leverage its expertise, network and team to ensure integrated development that ensure growth and profitability in alliance with Environment, Social and Governance. Being a global pharma company, we firmly believe that business and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

At CHPL’s CSR initiatives are carefully selected to ensure they are novel, scalable and sustainable. Corporate Social Responsibility at CHPL is a blend of charitable programs, disaster aid and community service. We endeavor to play an active role in supporting local communities with initiatives that are aligned to its long-term business goals. Being socially responsible towards the communities around us and also the environment is completely integrated into the various facets of the business at CHPL’s.

Caritas Limited CSR priorities

• Encourage Indian healthcare innovation and intellectual property

• Support national programs and priorities with linkages to healthcare

• Develop community outreach initiatives involving colleagues

• Create patient awareness and access programs

• Contribute to disaster relief work


A significant Covid-19 outbreak in India would quickly result in an acute shortage of mask, glove, medicine, equipment, etc. Amid lock down and logistic turbulence, purchasing can be very difficult. We looked at this problem and pooled our knowledge to ensure supply and availability of medicines, masks, equipment etc.

Old Age Home

At CHPL we firmly believe that elders are a crucial part of our lives who guide us with their wisdom and experience throughout our lives. Elders should always be treated with care and respect. Those who have sacrificed their lives for society should be suitably rewarded rather than despised or disowned but unfortunately, today’s generation doesn’t care them properly. And that’s lead to unfortunate introduction of Old age home. We at CHPL put an endeavor as responsible citizen to bring smile to those Elders who stay in Old age home by contributing in monetary and kind form.

Specially Abled

At CHPL we put efforts to bring nearness and happiness on special occasion/festival for specially abled group. We do so by distributing gifts appropriate to occasion and sharing foods and sparing time.

Disaster Relief

At CHPL humanity is beyond boundaries and same get reflected in our action during earthquake at Ecuador. We did out contribution in form of medicine and other assistance to affected community