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Caritas healthcare (Singapore) Pte Ltd. was incorporated as a Private Limited company and in less than a decade, today CHPL is the fastest growing multinational company serving more than 27 countries across the globe. The CHPL is involved in manufacture (On Loan License or P2P), supply and marketing of a wide range of pharmaceutical products to regulated, semi-regulated and non-regulated markets.

The product range that is 200+ includes Tablet/ Capsules/ Sachet, Sterile injectable, oncology, hormones, Bio similar and Bloods products as well as contract manufacturing among other products.

The products are manufactured by reputed Indian, European and Chineses manufacturers having WHO GMP approval and facility comply with USFDA, MHRA – UK, ANVISA Brazil guidelines. To name a few companies are Dr. Reddy’s, Bharat serum and vaccines, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Macledos Pharmaceuticals and many more.

Caritas Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is a leading Pharmaceutical company worldwide based in India. Caritas has wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore, Latin America and various other countries. Visionaries Ketan Patel put the foundation stone and started journey with the honest promise of providing quality medicines at affordable prices for the better society and world in 2012. We, at Caritas, are involved in manufacture, supply and market the wide range of avant-garde pharmaceuticals products to regulated, semi-regulated and non-regulated markets across the globe.
We are passionate and enthusiastic about our goal and highly optimistic about our future in view of the exciting opportunities of expansion and growth at different stages of development.

We promise to continue providing quality standards to the society to enable them to lead healthier, happier and more active lives.
Caritas is working continuously to fight disease with the help of science, improve access, and create a future that makes treatment possible for critical illness and disease. Devote efforts in field of R&D of specialty medicine, Biosimilar, Blood derivatives and vaccines manufacturing and/or make is available to world “Quality products at affordable cost and accessible to larger humanity

Our success is based on a combination of the team’s passion for healthcare and a sales force which sports best in class skills and capabilities.

We believe in meaningful and impactful doctor engagement to promote our products. Using a combination of our own manufacturing facilities, we stand behind the premium quality of products that we bring to the World market.

Last but not the least, what makes Caritas unique is our people. Our people represent some of the best minds within the Pharmaceutical industry. We have a unique culture which is based on meritocracy and fairness. We believe in non-hierarchy and that everyone’s voice should be heard regardless of rank and position. This culture combined with our team and world class products is what makes us one of World’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our Corporate Values


Can Do – “A “Can-do” approach, a strong belief that it helps us to grow progressively and break the barriers.

Acceptance – Acceptance allows us to let go of give up the differences and bring unity in diversity across globe. We celebrate and embrace our diversity.
We are serious about committing and getting to results. We work hard and put extra efforts to get things done the results

Result Driven – We are serious about committing and getting to results. We work hard and put extra efforts get things done.

Integrity – Integrity is the defining quality of our people and our work. We conduct ourselves with honesty, and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior

Trust – A core element of our code of conduct. At Caritas all our dealings, internal and external, are conducted with highest level of trust. Trust and honesty serve as the foundation of our teamwork.

Affirmative approach – We believe in having affirmative and optimistic (but realistic) approach , in everything we do. The positive approach with which we support each other fosters open, honest, and meaningful relationships.

Sincerity – At the heart of all action. We are sincere in everything we do, treating people and handling work.

Our Visions

To ensure quality healthcare easily accessible to all and establish global presence in oral solid, blood & bio similar drugs, injectable and lifesaving drugs.

Our Mission

To provide better healthcare for the better society and world at an affordable price.


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